Inside Bare Bones

What Makes Bare Bones a Better Broth?

People around the world have prepared forms of bone broth for centuries—as nourishment, for wellness, and to share in goodwill. It could be the world’s oldest recipe. What sets Bare Bones apart from other bone broths is our unyielding commitment to that tradition. In other words—it’s all about our priorities when it comes to time-honored preparation and pure ingredients.

We only source bones from animals that lived the good life; strolling and grazing open pastures as nature intended. Their bone and marrow health is essential for nutrient dense broth. But we don’t stop there. Every vegetable and herb we use is certified organic. In fact, many of our ingredients are locally sourced from right here in southern Oregon.

Even with those fine ingredients, Bare Bones Broth’s delightful flavor and delicate, velvety texture wouldn’t be possible without our traditional method of preparation. And neither would that abundance of vital minerals and nutrients. We use a time-honored method of slow simmering our broths in small batches at low temperatures for 24-48 hours. This time consuming but necessary technique is what preserves bone broth’s immune-boosting, digestion-aiding, body-fortifying benefits.

To us, making bone broth is a privilege that’s about honoring traditional techniques and natural ingredients. After all, why shouldn’t we treat the world’s oldest recipe as its most special one?

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