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Timeless Taste: Pure and Simple

No preservatives. No gluten or soy. No worries!

At Bare Bones, delicious flavor and delicate texture come naturally to our broths thanks to our traditional slow-cooking method and our commitment to clean ingredients. In other words, we have no use for additives. We’re here to make bone broth in its purest and most delicious form. So you’ll never find soy, gluten, preservatives, or additives in any Bare Bones Broth. To us, it’s about using all good ingredients, not fewer bad ones.

We choose to lead by example. So we think it’s important to talk about why we do what we do. By using only organic vegetables, we know we’re getting pure ingredients that support a more sustainable food system. And our commitment to pasture-raised livestock means healthier animals, which yields better bone marrow. From marrow comes gelatin, which imparts our broth’s signature silky texture thanks to our traditional slow simmering process. We believe doing things the right way will continue to result in amazing bone broth for you.

Some food manufacturers, however, use harmful additives instead of creating genuine flavors and textures the right way. While a growing number of people avoid soy and gluten for a range of important reasons, artificial thickeners and preservatives are worrisome for everyone. Preservatives like thickening emulsifiers are shown to damage the healthy balance in the digestive tract, which impacts overall wellness more than virtually any other factor. A study published last year in the scientific journal Nature linked food preservatives to obesity, gut disease, and metabolic disorders. No thanks.

By slow-simmering our broths, we create rich texture while unlocking the vital nutrients in our clean ingredients. It’s why real bone broth like ours is regarded as one of the best foods to support digestive wellness. And it’s why we think our commitment to doing things the right way matters so much.

Here’s to good health and timeless taste!

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