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The Global Animal Partnership

At Bare Bones we choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard. For us, this means being as transparent as possible about our sourcing, manufacturing and business practices. You see, business to us is much more than an exchange of goods for money – it’s an opportunity to drive change and transparency in our food system.

It brings us great pleasure to announce our new partnership with the Global Animal Partnership!

The Global Animal Partnership works closely with farmers, ranchers, retailers, restaurants, and product suppliers to bring about positive change for farm animal welfare. By joining this community of partners committed to driving change for farm animal welfare, we can make a positive difference in a big way for farm animal welfare and the food industry as a whole.

As part of the Global Animal Partnership, we’re able to successfully drive change for farm and animal welfare, including: the proper raising of animals to the GAP 5-Step Farm Animal Welfare standards, properly marketing and labeling our products, and educating through outreach and transparency.


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