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Thank you!

Well folks, we’ve been slanging bone broth for a whole year now. We couldn’t have done it without your unwavering support and candid feedback. What started out as project in our home kitchen just over a year ago has become my full-time job and more.

From tweaking our broth recipes and packaging to installing more equipment and paying our first employees, it’s been a huge year. We have so many people to thank for making this even possible. I would first like to thank each and every customer, without you this wouldn’t be possible. You have been so incredibly patient as we’ve had to revisit the drawing board on almost every aspect of our business, thank you for being nimble alongside us, it’s been a pleasure.

Next, I would like to thank Pete and Sarah Servold, owners of Pete’s Paleo. Without your support and mentorship this never would have happened. Thanks for taking me in when I was lost and helping me reach my potential. A lot has happened in a year and I anxiously await the path ahead. Pete, without your raw and often hilarious anecdotes I’d still be spinning in circles trying to find my way. Thank you. Thanks for letting me be a part of something great and thank you for letting me spend my evenings and late nights in your kitchen whipping up bone broth for gracious folks who appreciate what we do.

We’ve had so many wonderful opportunities fall out of the sky since we embarked on this adventure. From teaming up with Pete’s Paleo to create some awesome products to selling broth through Abundant Harvest’s statewide CSA program, it’s been a ride.

We are currently wrapping up a proposal for our broth-based cookbook and are looking to team up with a co-packer in the coming months. This will allow us to grow and expand our product line into broth-based soups. Because of our high standards it was hard to find someone willing to work with us to maintain the integrity of our process, but we’ve finally found someone willing to make our products by hand in small batches!

A huge thanks goes out to our amazing web Director Mark, who has tirelessly poured himself into this idea since day one when we were mocking this site up on the whiteboard in our kitchen. Thank you. This wouldn’t be possible without you and I cannot think of a better person with which to share such accomplishments.

Thank you to  Alex and Greater Marketing Agency. Thank you for working damn near for free to get us off the ground while getting yourself off the ground and all the while supporting a new family and beautiful baby girl. We are so grateful to call you a brother and wish you nothing but success in your pursuits.

To those we didn’t mention, you know we love you.

Happy New Year!

Ryan & Kate

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