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Bone Broth Testimonial: ‘A huge reason I survived 2017’

Bare Bones receives hundreds of testimonials each year about how bone broth and nutrition in general have changed our customers’ lives. These are what keep us going every day. They are, frankly, why we do what we do.

We felt selfish keeping them to ourselves, so recently started asking some of these people if they would be willing to share their stories with the general public so you, too, can be inspired by them. Jillian Griffin is our first brave soul to step forward and share her bone broth testimonial with you.

I call it the other liquid gold. You know, the adult version. And if you are reading this blog, it’s likely that you drink it yourself. And if you don’t, I recommend it. Bone broth was a huge reason I survived 2017.

My wellness journey started at fifteen years old. I was a two-varsity sport athlete when the onset of an autoimmune illness forced me couch bound. It was then that I discovered yoga and healthy eating. My healthy lifestyle was constant with yoga, but food was a slower progression. With each year I learned different foods that did and did not agree with my body.

Treating My Diagnosis With Food

It was in 2011, when I became quite ill again and was told I likely had a mild form of Multiple Sclerosis that I paid more attention to diet and wanted to use food as medicine. I started juicing and drinking green smoothies. Organic, whole and non-processed foods became a priority. It was when I read The Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls that I first heard of bone broth and the benefits that came with consuming it. I found it interesting, but the effort to make it seemed overwhelming. I dismissed it as one of those things I’d try down the road.

But bone broth persisted. My acupuncturist had information about it in her office. The CrossFit community that I had become a part of discussed it. The clean skincare and makeup lines I used (FATCO and Araza) mentioned a small west coast business that made the best bone broth around – hence my knowledge of Bare Bones Broth. I started following Bare Bones on social media and knew someday I would order. I did finally try bone broth, first from local farmer’s markets, then from local health food stores. It was a once in a while thing, but when I drank it, I could tell the benefits were numerous.

Liquid Gold To My Doorstep

In March 2017 I was faced with an unwanted divorce. My future and everything I thought to be true was no longer. I lost a good amount of weight right away and could tell that the stress might bring on a relapse. I had to make a conscious decision that my health would be number one through this trial. I could barely get out of bed, let alone make it to a grocery store to get quality food. Enter my first online order of Bare Bones.

Liquid gold arrived on my doorstep. I started drinking it every morning. It replaced the cup of coffee I could no longer stomach. The broth became comforting to me, calming during the challenging mornings. Although the times were hard, I stayed healthy. When summer arrived, I added the bone broth to my green smoothies. I drink 8oz of Bare Bones Broth almost every morning. I’m still in the midst of healing my heart, but despite times of depletion, my MS did not relapse and I have not had a cold or virus.

I’ve never met Ryan and Kate, but they have been key players in my survival journey. Supporting small, U.S. business is important to me and Bare Bones is one of the best. Bone broth will forever be a staple in my diet. Thank you Ryan and Kate for providing nourishment when I needed it most. Health truly is wealth.

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4 Replies to Bone Broth Testimonial: ‘A huge reason I survived 2017’

  1. Very timely blog. Kelly Ripa mentioned on her show today that bone broth helped her finally have a good night sleep. She’s been sick a few weeks with some respiratory thing! Lyn

  2. Just received my first order and drank my first cup. Anxious to see if it helps me in the future.

    1. Ryan Harvey says:

      Hi Al, that’s great to hear! Please let us know if you need anything.

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