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Health Heroes: Sweats And The City

Sweats And The City duo Elizabeth and Dale stop by to talk about how they got started, their obsession with health & wellness, and bone broth.

Can you tell us a little bit about both of you? 

Hi! We’re an American (Elizabeth) and a Canadian (Dale) who were set up as blind roommates almost 5 years ago (sadly no longer roomies, but not to worry – we still see each other every day!) and decided to start a business together. We are both in our 20’s, living in New York City and obsessed with exploring the world of fitness, health and wellness.

How did Sweats And The City come to be?

The concept of Sweats And The City came to us around four years ago. We were both working in New York City (Elizabeth in finance, Dale in fashion) and fell in love with the boutique fitness scene. It was common for us to come home after work, cook dinner together and discuss the various studios we had tried that day. Through these conversations, we quickly identified a gap in the market – no one out there was offering unbiased studio reviews, or tips and tricks pertaining to specific studios.  From there we got to work, and we’ve since expanded to an all encompassing health + wellness Instagram account and blog.

When was the moment you realized that Sweats And The City was growing into a success? 

A few months into starting SATC, we started seeing brands and studios reaching out to partner with us – mostly on a trade basis initially, and then they started paying. It was amazing to see that the idea we had brought to life was one people really wanted to be a part of. About a year and a half in, while we both had full time jobs, the requests from brand partners expanded to the point where we couldn’t simply juggle our office jobs and SATC. It was then when we realized it was now or never to go full-time with it. 

Your blog and IG page focus on fitness, beauty, lifestyle, food, and events. Is there one topic that specifically interests each of you the most? 

Dale: While it’s hard to choose one thing, I would say a new studio opening really excites me! I love to see what the studios come up with (competition is ever growing in NYC, which means better studios!) and I love to give the community a full, honest report.

Elizabeth: I’ve been really into the whole ‘woo woo’ world lately. Breathwork, Reiki, Nutrition Response Testing, Human Design…I am here for it all, and I love that our community loves learning about it with me.

How has the ‘food’ category of Sweats And The City evolved and what is it that you love to share the most? 

This category may be the one that’s evolved the most for us. When we first started, we leaned more towards automatically being on board with latest health trend or way of eating. We’ve come to realize with time that there’s no right way to eat. Everyone is so different and you have to eat what feels good for you. Food is about honoring your individual body. We’re also more ingredient focused than we used to be – we focus on whole foods and of course treats in moderation…never avoided!

What do you love the most about Bare Bones? 

Their variety of bone broth types – chicken, beef and even turkey! We also love how they don’t need to be stored in the freezer. This makes it super easy when ordering online (especially if you don’t have a doorman with a fridge!). And of course the new travel packs – so freaking convenient. 

What is each of your favorite products from Bare Bones?

We are both huge fans of the Organic Chicken Bone Broth and Rosemary & Lemon. They have so much flavor!

What are some ways you both like to incorporate Bare Bones into your daily routine? 

We love to not only have it plain as a snack (literally, we sip it like tea), but it’s also great to incorporate into recipes for an extra nutrient + flavor boost! We’ve done quick and easy chicken soup (you just throw in veggies and chicken and you’re good to go in under an hour), or we’ve even cooked quinoa in the broth. So good!

What benefits have you found from incorporating bone broth into your daily routine? 

sweats and the city

It’s super nourishing and healing. We don’t always want to rely on a bar for quick protein. It’s also amazing when we’re sick!

What are some misconceptions about bone broth you’d like to debunk?

  1. That stock and bone broth are same thing. Bone broth is much cleaner and packed with WAY more nutrients than stock.
  2. That it’s ONLY beneficial when you’re sick. While it’s definitely on our list of cold remedies, we like to drink it as much as possible.

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