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Next shipment delayed to March 24

As many of you know, we’re in the middle of relocating our operations from San Diego to Southern Oregon. We had planned to be able to catch up on broth-brewing and make our next shipment to you, our amazing customers, on March 17. We regret to inform you that we will have to delay our next shipment until March 24.

We did everything we could to avoid an announcement like this. That involved working night and day the last couple of weeks to clean the new space, install equipment, build relationships with suppliers and hire and train new people.

We’re thrilled to say that everything is up and running, equipment is installed and supplies ordered (some already arrived), BUT (and it’s a big but) there’s one last thing we need to do before we can fire up those burners again: The gas lines in our new manufacturing facility need one final inspection to make sure we’re starting operations safe and sound — and won’t blow up the next batch of broth!

Unfortunately, that inspection won’t take place until Monday morning, which means we have to delay the shipment for one week. You can still place an order, and we will be doing our darnedest to catch up on production this coming week.

We are committed to being transparent with you, even when things aren’t going as well as we’d hoped. You deserve that kind of honest communication.

Your patience and support means the world to us as we grow (a painful process sometimes, but so exciting!). We hate these hiccups as much as you do, but this is a critical next step as we expand our operation to better serve you. Hang in there, everybody, and we’ll let you know when we get that last green light!

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