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Bone Broth Coffee Morning Ritual: Coffee vs. Bone Broth

Morning Thoughts of Bone Broth vs. Coffee

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So, I’m sure you woke up this morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, right? You probably rose like Princess Aurora to the smell of fluffy pancakes as bunnies fetched your slippers, all while technicolor blue jays softly sang in the background. Then two fairies magically…. JOKING.

Look, I get it. Waking up is HARD, especially without coffee. I’m 99.99% sure there are coffee grinds in my genetic code (kudos to you, Cherie Burrow). However, I know that the habits I make now will become my health problems later down the road. While there are a plethora of morning beverage options, organic bone broth outshines them all. Bone broth or coffee… Coffee just doesn’t stack up to real bone broth whether we’re talking short or long-term effects. Don’t believe me? Here’s the side by side.

What’s Your Gut Telling You

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The 10 am bathroom break is a familiar trip for regular coffee drinkers for a reason. Coffee is a natural laxative so, when not suffering from constipation, it can cause uncomfortably loose stool. Consistent loose stool can cause a significant loss in nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and water.

Numerous studies have shown the importance of a full breakfast for replenishing essential nutrition lost during sleep, so your morning coffee could end up being detrimental with aggravated use.

Bone Broth:

I get it, your alarm goes off early morning and you’re thinking of four words: bone broth or coffee. It’s not the most obvious choice at 7 am, but bone broth can be pivotal in keeping your tummy in check all day. System-soothing collagen is abundant in bone broth. Collagen coats the entire digestive system, sealing the gut from releasing harmful toxins into the bloodstream.

A healthy stomach biome has shown to reduce symptoms of IBS, acne, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and much more. Adding a cup of nourishing bone broth to your routine in the morning can guard your stomach for the rest of the day.


Bone Broth vs. Coffee… Bone Broth: 1, Coffee: 0

Crave That Mineral

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“Come on Hannah. I’m obviously not drinking coffee for the nutritional value.” Yeah, I know guys. However, I know most of us are just throwing back a couple cups at our desks on the daily. Eating doesn’t normally occur to me until I’m already stuck in rush hour. Have you ever stopped to even remotely consider the nutritional value of your daily pick-up?

Although there are studies that sing endless praise of the antioxidants found in coffee, they’re in the same realm of food research as the health benefits of dark chocolate and wine. Despite the caffeine and trace amounts of antioxidants, your coffee’s nutrition label is a pile of goose eggs. While I’m not advocating you stop drinking coffee altogether, I am suggesting you consider adding something to your morning routine that has a bit more nutritional value.

Bone Broth:

Nutritionally, bone broth wins by a landslide (especially in the morning). When your mind is racing and thinking of whether to pick up some bone broth or coffee, remind yourself of all the benefits of bone broth. With some broths offering an impressive 10 grams of protein per serving, Folgers should be shaking in their boots. Of course, when it comes to starting your day, nothing can replace a rib-sticking plated breakfast, but still people have sworn even post-workout that broth alone can satiate you and quiet your tummy for over two hours!

This hardworking kitchen staple offers a creative solution for those of us who can’t seem to remember a non-liquid breakfast. How else? Broth satisfies morning nutritional needs on so many levels. The nutritional analysis reads like a vitamin multipack: collagen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. Need I go any further?


Bone Broth vs. Coffee… Bone Broth: 2, Coffee: 0

Insane In The Membrane

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If coffee is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world, does that make Starbucks a kingpin? Clinical studies have shown that caffeine stimulates the same areas of the brain as cocaine. If that’s not enough to worry you, coffee can also derail your natural sleep cycle. Adenosine, a chemical that tells our brain to go to sleep, is produced naturally in our body. It builds throughout the day and eventually tells us to go to sleep at night. The caffeine in coffee blocks the adenosine receptors in the brain, delaying its release until the caffeine subsides. This, in conjunction with all the sugary creamer and that burrito bowl you had for lunch, results in a MAJOR afternoon crash.

Bone Broth:

Surprise, surprise. We’ve found a winner once more. Although your mind might still be thinking ‘bone broth or coffee’, let’s change it to just be thinking ‘bone broth’. While bone broth isn’t going to jolt you awake like your favorite dark roast, it will provide you with lasting mental clarity and energy throughout the day. I know this Girl Scout answer isn’t the miracle quick fix you wanted but hear me out.

Bone marrow is rich with essential fatty acids which has been shown time and time again to improve brain function.  Bone broth is also stacked with glycine and chondroitin. Glycine, an amino acid, supports alertness and might even decrease stress. Chondroitin is a compound that fosters learning in addition to memory. This might be why people are starting to reach for a bone broth smoothie in the AM.


Bone Broth vs. Coffee… Bone Broth: 3, Coffee: 0

Choose Wisely Between Bone Broth or Coffee

Again: I’m not telling you that you have to quit coffee; it’s not about one or the other. Think of the two as pals, bone broth and coffee. As I sit here writing to you, the office is filled with the lovely aroma of Kate’s and my afternoon brew (insert sheepish shrug). However, I know it isn’t hard to incorporate bone broth throughout the day. I cooked white beans in bone broth for my meal prep last week and a warm cup of Rosemary and Lemon Chicken broth is my favorite afternoon slump snack.

What’s most important is finding moderation with all our caffeinated beverage pals. Just as my preschool teacher said, “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” Our golden companion is quite obvious to me and they taste like chicken.

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