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Mental Health: My Postpartum Journey

Mental health issues are usually last on the topic list of discussion, but today I’m shattering that barrier.

Yesterday was the first time I really exercised since having the bone broth baby. Yep. Almost 5 months of basically sitting on the couch and binge watching Netflix and breastfeeding. It’s an exciting life, I know, but someone has to do it. That being said, I went to bikram yoga. I was a fairly regular practitioner prior to having the bone broth baby, and just recently was cleared for exercise. I was thrilled to go, but also nervous. My body has changed. It’s got jiggle in places it didn’t before. My hips are 8 times (not really) wider than they were before. I hadn’t done anything strenuous since December of last year. I was nervous.

On top of having a post-baby body, I have the wonderful challenge of healing myself from depression and anxiety. Real talk, having a baby is hard work. Having a healthy body after baby is hard work. Having a healthy body during baby is hard work. Having mental health challenges going INTO both situations is really hard work. Having consistently dealt with anxiety and depression for several years, going into a new situation not exactly in my physical prime, I was nervous. I debated going to yoga. I debated if it was worth going out into the dropping temperatures. I debated if I had really eaten enough to sustain a practice. I felt the butterflies in my stomach and wondered if the people were going to be nice.

So, something we all love about bone broth is the fact that it heals the lining of the stomach. This is significant because of something called GAPS: Gut and Psychology Syndrome. Essentially, GAPS establishes a connection between the health of the stomach (lining, microbial activity, intestinal flora) and the psychology of the person. Should that person experience OCD, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, autistic spectrum disorders, etc… it is most likely connected to the health of the stomach.

Keeping this in mind, I heated up about a half cup of broth. I downed it on my way to yoga knowing that getting out of the house was worth it. Additionally, I knew that my body was, and has been, nutritionally supported. But as anyone with anxiety or depression can tell you, sometimes convincing yourself is hard to do. But, that’s the rub, right? Making the healthy choice even when it feels scary. And bone broth is that choice, for me. It’s the one thing that I know I can do even if the anxiety is high and I feel like crawling under the blankets for a few days. I also know every time I do the right thing by having my broth, and facing the next challenge (whether that be dirty diaper or yoga practice), I’m taking my physical AND mental health in the right direction.

So here I am, the next day, after my 90 minute bikram practice last night. My sweet little bone broth baby is still not sleeping through the night (although last night was better with two, four hour stints). I’ve been up and doing my work since 6:30am. And you know, I’m not really sore. I have some tightness in my deltoids, a twinge here and there in my back and booty… but my broth saw me through. I am recovered from the exercise.

Not only did my bone broth help me make the right choice (exercising), it is supporting me the next day (who’d a thunk that after zero exercise for 4 months I would be able to walk after a 90 minute bikram session!?). And I know, each time I have my broth, I’m supporting my mental health. I’m giving my body a chance to heal even further.

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