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Bone Broth and the Keto Diet

Whether you’re new to the ketogenic diet or you know the ropes, you’re likely aware of the many ways that the high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet can change your life for the better. You may even be seeing some of those changes happen right before your eyes! What you probably aren’t seeing is the slow buildup of methionine in your body–an essential amino acid found in a lot of the proteins you probably eat on a keto: chicken, beef, egg whites and fish.

Balancing Methionine is Important

Essential amino acid, yes. But consuming too much methionine can lead to build-up over time, eventually causing muscle weakness, liver damage, and neurological problems to name a few. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not knocking that ketogenic life, I’m a fan! I am also a strong believer in balance, even for the best things in life. In this case I’m talking about balancing your methionine intake with foods that help to keep it in check.

I keep saying balance. If you’re on keto, you can’t really cut out meat and egg protein, they’re your bread and butter! What you can do, though, is supplement your diet with keto-friendly foods that are high in glycine, another essential amino acid that is found in collagen.

Glycine and methionine have a curious relationship. In moderate doses methionine is essential to the body and depletes glycine. Glycine, on the other hand, exists in part to help your body detoxify methionine and keep it from building up in your blood. It’s a yin and yang deal. If you crank up your methionine intake, you need to crank up your glycine intake too.

Bone Broth is a Keto “Must”

Properly made bone broth is made from all of the collagen-rich parts of the animal. For example, we simmer chicken feet and backs for 24 hours to make our signature Classic Chicken Bone Broth, and beef knuckles and ribs for our Classic Beef Bone Broth. Since glycine is found in collagen, it’s no surprise that the end result is one of the best sources of glycine that you could possibly use to balance your keto diet.

What do I mean by “properly made”, you might ask?

How to Find the Best Bone Broth

The best way to ensure you’re getting the best bone broth is to make it yourself. Personally though, I really don’t want a stock pot simmering in my home for 24+ hours every week.

But if you buy bone broth, how do you know it’s made properly?

As a trained chef who takes his nutrition and fitness very seriously, I co-founded Bare Bones because I could not find a good broth made to my standards. We start with bones from pastured, responsibly raised animals and slow simmer them for 24+ hours. This crucial simmer time gives the collagen ample time to transfer from the bones and into the broth, creating a delicious protein- and collagen-dense amino acid superfood.

Protein Content. The protein content in bone broth is a dead giveaway. If the nutrition facts show the broth contains 1-2 grams of protein per serving, it is not what you’re looking for. This is a sign that the broth has been diluted to the point where the protein content is benign. You want broth with 8+ grams of protein per serving.

Sourcing. Don’t rely solely on the protein content of broth alone. If you’re looking for a broth to ensure you’re balancing your diet, the quality of the amino acids is important. The best bone broth is made with bones of grass-fed, pastured animals who had a good life. This makes all the difference in the quality of the amino acids, not to mention the nutritional benefits and environmental responsibility that come from consuming healthy meat products.

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How Much Bone Broth to Drink on a Keto Diet

Everyone’s body is different. The amount of bone broth you drink on a keto diet largely depends on your body’s specific nutritional requirements and the other foods you eat. However, bone broth is very low carb, so most people can safely drink a few cups of bone broth per day without interfering with ketosis.

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