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We’re Making Bone Broth More Sustainable Every Day

Happy Earth Day! On this day, the world pauses to think about how our actions impact our planet. But at Bare Bones, sustainability isn’t just one day of the year – it’s a constant pursuit. Here are just a few of the huge strides we’ve made toward more inherent sustainability over the last year.

Ground Shipping

In June of 2016 we partnered with a shipping facility central to the United States, making ground shipping possible to anywhere in the Continental US within 2-3 days. That means no more jet fuel required to ship our products. The result: 80% less fossil fuel and energy consumption to move the same amount of product, just as quickly.

Biodegradable Shipping Liners

Bare Bones products ship frozen, which means we must put insulation in every box. The most affordable and commonly used solution is Styrofoam box liners – but they are tragically damaging to the environment. So in June of 2016 we transitioned from foam liners to fully recycled, biodegradable material. This has cut our foam usage by 100%.

New Packaging

In February of 2017 we replaced our generic oversized packaging with new packaging specifically designed to fit our 16oz products. Only slightly costlier than their generic counterparts, our new packaging uses 33% less material.

Renewable Fulfillment

Because our product is perishable, it must be kept frozen or refrigerated. Keeping thousands of gallons of individually packaged bone broth frozen consumes a lot of energy. That’s why, when we partnered with our new fulfillment center in June of 2016, we also opened a new warehouse that runs 100% on renewable energy. By making this change, we cut the fossil energy necessary to store our products by 100% to zero.

Upcycle Program

In January of this year we launched an initiative called “Upcycling.” That means we use ugly produce – vegetables that aren’t “pretty” enough to be sold in the market – which would otherwise be thrown away. Through our upcycling program we are not only fighting food waste, but we’re helping to reduce it at the farm level, incentivizing organic farmers by creating a secondary revenue stream where there was once a loss.

Coming Soon: A Really Big Deal!

For months we have been working with experts throughout the industry to prepare and distribute our broth in a way that uses even less energy to get it into your kitchen. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more about this exciting announcement!

We embrace every effort to reduce waste and take better care of our planet, so this weekend in honor of Earth Day, we’re giving away an exclusive heavy-duty Bare Bones tote with every order placed*. Place your order today, and have a happy Earth Day!

*Valid until April 23rd or while supplies last. Bags ship separately, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping after the date of the promotion.

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