10 Recipes for Keto Cookies You Need to Try ASAP

Sometimes, you just want a cookie.

Fortunately, eating a keto diet doesn’t mean you have to go without your favorite keto desserts.

Instead, whip up a batch of some of the delicious, tasty keto cookies from the recipes below, and say goodbye to cookie cravings.

keto cookies

#1. Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Keto Cookies

We have to start with everyone’s favorite – chocolate chip.

These bake up fast and are delicious warm from the oven or cooled on the counter. Featuring real cacao for extra antioxidants, these cookies are filled with goodness.

And at just 1.9 grams of carbs per serving, they’re a great way to satisfy that cookie craving.

#2. Peanut Butter Keto Cookies

With just three ingredients – eggs, peanut butter, and erythritol – these bake up fast and easy. That’s great when you have a hankering for cookies that need to be handled immediately.

With just two grams of carbs, you can have a mouthful of peanut-buttery goodness in your hand in just 20 minutes.

#3. Keto No-Bakes

Remember those no-bakes your mom used to make? Well, here’s the low-carb version, ready for you to snack upon.

This recipe substitutes unsweetened shredded coconut for oats, but the cookies look and taste very similar to the real thing.

With only 3.2 net carbs for every two cookies, you get a big cookie taste for very few carbs. Make sure you refrigerate these, though, since they can be sticky when warm.

#4. Pecan Snowballs

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Snowball cookies.

And at just one gram of net carbs, these Pecan Snowballs are the perfect way to indulge in a quintessential Christmas cookie without busting your carb budget.

With a base of pecans and almond flour, these sugar-dusted balls store well in an air-tight container.

#5. Four-Ingredient Shortbread Keto Cookies

Rich, buttery shortbread lends itself to snacks, desserts, or even as an accompaniment for your favorite cup of tea.

These keto-friendly cookies have just four ingredients – almond flour, butter, erythritol, and vanilla – so you can make up a batch in a flash.

With just one-gram net carbs each, they’re a satisfying way to stay keto and have your cookie, too.

#6. Tagalongs Keto Cookies

At six grams of net carbs, this recipe is indulgent – but totally worth it.

This keto-friendly recipe will turn out a batch of Tagalong-style cookies to rival your local Girl Scout Troop’s.

With a shortbread cookie layer and peanut butter layer covered with rich, dark chocolate, these cookies are worth the splurge.

#7. Keto Gingersnaps

These are the lowest-carb cookies on the list, coming in at just 0.8 carbs per serving.

But with the mix of ground ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon swirled in a base of almond flour, you won’t be missing the carbs. The flavor will have you spellbound from the first bite.

Chilling them after baking helps the flavors meld and keeps the cookies fresh longer.

#8. Cinnamon Bun Keto Cookies

Okay, technically not a cookie, but who doesn’t love a sweet, cinnamon-y cinnamon bun when you’re craving something sweet?

Filled with creamy, rich creamed coconut, almond butter, and a dash of cinnamon formed into mini-loaf pans, these will conquer that Cinnabon craving in seconds flat.

No nutrition information is given for them, but there’s nothing in here with many carbs.

#9. Sea-Salted Chocolate Keto Cookies

Ah, the delicious, caramel-y taste of sea-salted cookies!

These are whipped up from heavy cream, cream cheese, grass-fed butter, indulgent cocoa, sun nut butter, a pinch of cinnamon, and, of course, sea salt.

With all of these flavors in one mouthful, they’re sure to quench cravings fast.

#10. Keto Fudge

Again, not a cookie. But definitely cookie-ish. What kid hasn’t begged mom to make a batch of fudge for snacking?

This keto fudge is only one gram of carbs per serving, so it will keep you well within your keto dietary guidelines – if you don’t eat the whole batch.

Almond butter, cream cheese, and baking chocolate star in these little squares of goodness.

So Many Cookies – So Little Time

With all these keto-friendly cookie recipes, you’ll have difficulty deciding which one to try first.

Don’t let the great taste and easy preparation of most of these recipes derail your keto eating plan, though.

Though these cookies are relatively low in carbs, you can’t eat them without paying attention to your overall carbs for the day.

They’re low carb, so feel free to snack – but remember to snack wisely!

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  1. The 4 ingredient Shortbread cookies link is a link to Amazon Swerve Sweetener, not the actual recipe! I really wanted some shortbread!

    1. Ryan Harvey says:

      Hi Kerri, thank you for bringing this to our attention! We’ve fixed he link – sorry about that! We’d love to hear what you think if you end up making these. Cheers!

  2. #5 – four ingredient keto shortbread. Unless I’m doing something wrong, when I click on it, I’m linked to Amazon for Swerve. Could you please fix it so I can get the recipe? Thank you!

    1. Ryan Harvey says:

      Hi Cabiria, so sorry about the mixup on the link. We’ve fixed it! Please let us know what you think if you end up making these cookies – we found them rather delightful!

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