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5 cool ways to enjoy bone broth this summer

It’s warming up outside for most of us, so the last thing on our minds is a steaming mug of bone broth. In fact, Brodo chef Marco Canora told at least one reporter that he may be shuttering his broth window in New York City until things cool down again.

We get it — bone broth hasn’t quite reached coffee status, or the point at which people will drink a hot cup of Joe no matter how scorching it is outside. BUT, did you know there are tons of ways to use broth to keep cool during the summertime, and to stave off those miserable summer colds? That’s right — bone broth isn’t just for warming up the winter months. There’s no wrong time to start making and enjoying the multitudinous benefits of bone broth.

Bone broth cocktail

Here are five of our favorite ways to enjoy bone broth this summer.

  1. Bone broth smoothies. Yup, you read that right. Bone broth, made the traditional way, makes an excellent addition to practically any smoothie. Its beautifully viscous texture helps give the smoothie mixture body, and its flavor is typically mild enough that it doesn’t interfere with the other flavors. In fact, if you use a lot of greens in your smoothie, bone broth complements them. If you’re using fruit, the sweetness will overpower the flavor of the broth, but you’ll still get to enjoyall of its health benefits. A general rule of thumb is to substitute broth wherever you might add a liquid, such as coconut milk or fruit juice. You can even freeze your bone broth into ice cubes that you throw into the blender with the other ingredients. You’ll end up with a richer, more flavorful end product. Here’s one of our favorite recipes: the Banana Bone Broth Smoothie.
  2. Bone broth juices. Have you ever added salt to a green apple to make it taste sweeter? The same idea applies here. Add a 1/4 cup or so of bone broth to your favorite homemade juice to cut the sugar content while at the same time boosting the overall flavor and rounding out the nutritional profile.
  3. Cold soups, or gazpacho. This is one of our absolute favorite ways to use bone broth. There are few things more refreshing than a chilled summer soup, which is basically just a salad in a bowl. And you can take it to the next level by incorporating bone broth into the recipe where you would otherwise use water or conventional broth. Traditionally, gazpachos were tomato-based and did not include broth. But nowadays, the concept has evolved to include a host of vegetable and fruit bases, and ingredients such as broth to round out and embolden the flavors, and make the dish more filling.
  4. Cook with it. You don’t stop eating during the warmer months, do you? Then you still have plenty of opportunities to incorporate bone broth into your diet. Sauté your vegetables in it, add it to your mashed potatoes, cook your grains with it, braise your chicken in it and make your favorite condiments and sauces using bone broth. The possibilities are so endless that we’ve even started using a hashtag on Instagram, #bonebrotheverything.
  5. Bone broth cocktails. This one might sound like the craziest idea of them all, but have you ever had a Bloody Mary? Bone broth cocktails are the same concept: Savory, sippable beverages that offer an alternative to the cloying sweetness of so many mixed drinks. Bone broth has in fact given momentum to the trendy meat cocktail movement that’s taking the night life in Los Angeles and other major cities by storm. Like with broth, this is hardly a brand-new invention. It’s just the old becoming new again.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy broth during the summer? Share your ideas here or tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #bonebrotheverything.

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