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Our Favorite Healthy Swaps: A Guide

My Dad always said, “Life is a series of choices.”

Albeit it was usually when scolding me, this phrase applies to a lot more situations but is too often pushed aside. Meal times feel the most neglect in choices. I know! Making healthy choices can often feel like a Herculean task with all the opinions swimming on your Facebook feed. Working in the world of natural food, I’m always seeing new and better products that boast solutions to problems I didn’t know I had. It’s chaos trying to decide what’s most important in the mix and clutter! This week I’m helping you sort through the muck and sharing our favorite, easy swaps. Who knows, maybe one could be the fix you’ve been searching for all this time. 

Healthy Swaps

Sparkling Water NOT Soda

My favorite hack of all! Many of us find unique comfort in the cold fizz of a carbonated beverage, making soda a very tempting release on a stressful day in your stuffy office. Like smoking in the 60s, we all know that soda (including ‘diet’) is slowly taking us to the grave. Now how do we kick it? There’s a reason La Croix has become a cult favorite. Flavored sparkling water offers all the bubbles and hint of flavor with none of the artificial chemicals or sweeteners used in our other fizzy favorites, making it an A+ swap. I personally love my passionfruit La Croix, but my boyfriend says the orange is best because it reminds him of orange soda. If you’d rather invest in the longterm, check local stores for a sparkling water maker. Either option is sure to itch your scratch for a fizzy drink

Bone Broth NOT Coffee

Of course! While I can promise it’s a hard switch initially, you won’t regret your decision later. If you take out the caffeine, coffee is less of a hero and more of a zero. Your morning cuppa could be inhibiting your digestion, nutrient absorption, or even your natural sleep cycle. Without me telling you, I’m sure you know how you feel after a venti latte. Bone broth, on the other hand, offers a perfect nutritional profile in the morning. Some brands offer over 10 grams of protein per serving to help ensure that your stomach is full in the morning. In addition, bone broth coats the lining of your stomach to promote easy digestion the rest of the day. You might be surprised how easy swapping coffee for bone broth can be as you fall into your morning sipping ritual.

Go Organic DITCH Discounts

This is arguably the most important swap on the list. My personal switch to organic will eventually require it’s own blog post, but for now let me give you the cliff notes. Organic produce is what our grandparents and great grandparents had growing up. It’s fruits and veggies that are raised without chemical or synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Organic livestock is raised on organic grain with access to the outdoors and never fed growth hormones or GMOs. It’s so important to limit your exposure to harmful and unnatural chemicals. Studies have linked growth hormones and steroids found in non-organic dairy and meat products to early onset puberty, tumor growth, heightened cancer risk and much more, especially in women. If you don’t believe the science I can vouch here. I used to think I was lactose intolerant before my organic milk switch. Do it today. Thank me tomorrow.

Smaller Plates BUST the Platters

The easiest swap of all! I’ve heard of the trick to use smaller plates from several people at different times, but didn’t start until this past February. I hated the large, heavy plates I owned and could barely lift so I opted to buy some smaller plates.  I would finally be forced to try this childish theory. While it wasn’t popular with the boyfriend, we’re both down a few pounds eating relatively the same things we have been. Most studies show this trick working as well with one small catch. Scientists at Cornell saw great success in studies where subjects served themselves. The other winning factor? Subjects that didn’t know they were being watched also tended to eat less. Go figure!

What swaps have saved you? Do you swear by your large plates? Perhaps you just want to tell me your favorite color? Let’s talk health food and dinnerware down in the comments.

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