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Whole30 Coaches Spotlight: Judith Forman

In honor of the September Whole30, we took the time to sit down with newly minted Whole30 Certified Coach Judith Forman to learn what drove her to complete 7 rounds of the program, and get her pro tips on completing a Whole30. Hannah: First off – Thank you again for taking the time to chat. We sincerely appreciate it. Judith:  Not a problem. Thank you!! H: Okay so let’s talk[…]

2018’s Most Interesting Food Trends

Food trends come and go, a lot like the seasons. While some give us fond and fuzzy memories, others leave us grimacing at the mere thought (*cough cough Unicorn Frappuccino*).  The world of natural foods is no different and has already seen a few up-and-comers in 2018. This week on the blog, we’ve rounded up this year’s most interesting natural food trends to give you the 411 on what to try[…]

Our Favorite Healthy Swaps: A Guide

My Dad always said, “Life is a series of choices.” Albeit it was usually when scolding me, this phrase applies to a lot more situations but is too often pushed aside. Meal times feel the most neglect in choices. I know! Making healthy choices can often feel like a Herculean task with all the opinions swimming on your Facebook feed. Working in the world of natural food, I’m always seeing[…]

jillian griffin-bone broth testimonial

Bone Broth Testimonial: ‘A huge reason I survived 2017’

Bare Bones receives hundreds of testimonials each year about how bone broth and nutrition in general have changed our customers’ lives. These are what keep us going every day. They are, frankly, why we do what we do. We felt selfish keeping them to ourselves, so recently started asking some of these people if they would be willing to share their stories with the general public so you, too, can[…]

Mental Health: My Postpartum Journey

Mental health issues are usually last on the topic list of discussion, but today I’m shattering that barrier. Yesterday was the first time I really exercised since having the bone broth baby. Yep. Almost 5 months of basically sitting on the couch and binge watching Netflix and breastfeeding. It’s an exciting life, I know, but someone has to do it. That being said, I went to bikram yoga. I was[…]

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