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Cellulite: Causes and Natural Treatments

Cellulite causes revealed and natural treatments to beat the bumps… Everyone woman wishes her butt cellulite and cottage cheese thighs would just disappear. It’s a common plague that isn’t so commonly discussed. In fact, over 90% of women report this pesky issue at some point in their lives. However, there is still a rift between fact and fiction on how to get rid of cellulite. The internet largely disagrees on causes[…]

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem we hope we never have to face. Often times, once we realize we are losing hair it’s too late. In the US alone, over 80 million men and women alike suffer from thinning or balding hair. Although many suffer, the conversation has been relatively silent. Hair loss can occur for several different reasons. This week we’ll take you through the most common causes of hair[…]

Collagen Peptides: Do they really work?

Collagen peptides are one of the fastest-growing phenomena in the world of supplements. Why? Collagen is one of the single most important proteins in our bodies. It acts as the scaffolding in the body, giving structure and support to our bones, teeth, hair, skin, nails, joints and connective tissues. Collagen supplements bolster this existing architecture as your body produces less and less collagen as you age, preventing wrinkles and easing[…]

bone broth collagen powder

Collagen vs. Gelatin: Differences and Health Benefits

Collagen vs. Gelatin: What’s the difference? Collagen and gelatin are two proteins getting a lot of attention these days. Touted for their ability to heal everything from our gut to our joints, and reverse the aging of our skin, hair and nails (1). These proteins are similar, but different. You’ve probably seen gelatin and collagen used interchangeably. While they’re similar, there are some key difference to be aware of. Collagen[…]

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