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Free Samples & Broth Madness!

We really need your help. We have 8 fantastic new products in development, and we need YOU to pick which one — or ones — will make it into our online store permanently.

That’s right: You get to have a say about what products Bare Bones Broth Co. launches next.

All you have to do is participate in our very first Broth Madness!

This coming week, we will begin sending out samples of the product candidates with each order. We’re so excited about this that we’re offering you $10 off your purchase this week with the code BROTHMADNESS.

You will get your bone broth order, of course, and free samples of TWO new products that we’re testing. Then you’ll get a chance to vote on your favorite. The winner will go on to the next round to compete against another product.

The best part? If you taste the samples and then take a super-short survey to tell us what you think, you’ll get another coupon code for use the following week.

We will be doing this for SIX weeks (through Aug. 24), and you can jump in at any time.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Bare Bones Broth Co. as we grow!

Shop now and get $10 off, PLUS SAMPLES, with code BROTHMADNESS

In love & broth,

Kate & Ryan

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