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How Bone Broth Provides Sustained Energy

It’s hard to find a healthy and tasty food that’ll provide you with energy to last the whole day. Bone broth may just be the snack you need to…

Bone Broth And Sustained Energy

Drinking Bone Broth Sustained Energy

Bone broth has been a staple in history, keeping the same strong foundation throughout its’ exchanges between cultures. An authentic bone broth remains to be a savory, nutrient-dense liquid that is brewed from simmering animal bones and connective tissues in water for 20+ hours over low heat. This timely process allows for nutrients and goodness to be extracted from the bones, like collagen, amino acids, minerals, etc. There are many health benefits and a lot of information to cover on bone broth, which you can read about in the ultimate guide to bone broth. In this article, we’ll focus on how bone broth goes hand in hand with sustained energy.

Sustained energy refers to energy that is released throughout the day to fuel the body all day long. Different types of foods can give you different amounts of energy, as well as varying senses of energy sustainability. What this means is that if you were to ingest sugar or refined carbs, you might feel a sudden jump in energy. However, shortly after this energy spike, you might feel lethargic and tired, as the food was transformed into a short burst of energy. Foods, such as fruits, beans, grains, etc., can provide a sustained energy source, meaning the sensation of energy will last much longer.

A great source of sustained energy is a high-quality bone broth, sure to provide lasting energy throughout the day. The ingredients and preparation that yield a rich, nutrient-dense broth are what help provide this source of energy. So, how does bone broth provide sustained energy? Let’s dig in!

How Does Bone Broth Provide Energy?

Amino Acids

Amino Acids Sustained Energy Bone Broth

Bone broth is packed with nutritive amino acids, like glutamine, proline, glycine, arginine, glutathione, lysine, leucine, etc. Here, we will focus on two of those amino acids: glycine and glutamine.

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that, along with other roles, helps by converting glucose, a simple sugar, into energy (3). Glutamine, another non-essential amino acid that is a great source of energy, is critical in energy metabolism regulation (5). Hand in hand, these two amino acids work together to provide a wide resource of sustained energy for the body. At times, our bodies prefer to use glycine as a source of energy, and other times, it uses glutamine. Both of these amino acids help with consistent energy metabolism, providing a truly sustained source of energy.


Minerals Sustained Energy Bone Broth

When the bones, in bone broth, are left to simmer for long periods of time, nutrients and minerals are extracted from them. Bone broth is filled with vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, etc. Once again, in this article, we will focus on two of those minerals; in specific, magnesium and phosphorus.

A biological molecule known as ATP, short for adenosine triphosphate, is a carrier of energy that helps fuel certain bodily actions. The crucial thing here is that phosphorus is needed for ATP to be created, evident in the name adenosine tri’phosphate’. Furthermore, magnesium is typically bound to an ATP molecule in order for it to become functional. Just as before, these two minerals go hand in hand with one another, as they combine to create a functional energy molecule (6, 8). By consuming a healthy amount of these minerals with bone broth, you are providing a sustained source of energy for your body to keep on moving throughout the day.

Gut Microbiome Health

Gut Microbiome Health Sustained Energy Bone Broth

Gut health is a growing topic, as more research has been conducted on just how much your gut health affects the rest of your body. The gut microbiome is where bacteria, protozoa, fungi, etc., all reside inside of your body. Not to worry, this isn’t a bad thing, as we have come to understand that not all bacteria are bad. On the contrary, there are actually many types of good bacteria that reside in your gut (9).

However, by improving the health of your gut microbiome, you can ultimately improve energy regulation. Studies have shown that your intestinal microbes, and the overall health of your gut microbiome, is crucial when it comes to energy regulation and metabolism (21). In order to have a consistent, sustained energy outflow, your gut microbiome must be in a healthy state.

The good thing here is that bone broth has many nutrients that help with improving, and maintaining, gut health. Whether it be the substantial amount of collagen, the numerous amino acids, or the essential minerals, bone broth is jam-packed with it all. Studies have linked all of these things with improved gut health, whether it be strengthening the intestinal barrier or improvements in the gut microbes (14, 16, 17, 19).

Healthy Energy Without the Crash

People Running Sustained Energy Bone Broth

We all have experienced that sugar crash or caffeine crash when we need it the least. Whether it be our 2nd can of soda, or 3rd cup of coffee, these drinks come with their typical, subsequent crashes. In the case of sugar, if our bodies take in more sugar than it can handle, it tries to produce excess insulin in order to keep up with that intake of sugar. This causes our bodies to have a decrease in blood glucose, or blood sugar, which causes us to feel that sugar crash. In the case of caffeine, our bodies’ adenosine receptors, which help regulate sleep, are blocked by caffeine molecules. Once those caffeine molecules are metabolized, the built up adenosine overloads it’s receptors, causing our bodies to want to go to sleep.

No one wants to experience these energy crashes, which is where bone broth steps in. Due to its nutritious substances, bone broth is a great alternative for this source of sustained energy. It doesn’t come with a sugar crash or a caffeine crash, it only comes with healthy goodness, that can fuel you with sustained energy to last.

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