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Bone broth backorder issues

So we have a problem. And as far as problems go, it’s probably the best problem we could have: We can’t keep up with demand right now, and our bone broth goes on backorder at some point every single week. But — and this is a biiiiiig but — we will be able to fill ALL of your orders so very soon!

We’re working our fingers to the bone and developing some pretty epic dark circles under our eyes trying to make as much broth as humanly possible in our current commercial kitchen, but you — our amazing customers — have set such a crazy fast-growing trend that we are going to have to move into a much bigger facility soon.

Unfortunately, these things take time. We already have our sights set on one and are going to visit it next week to expedite the process, but it could be a couple of months still before we’re able to make and ship as quickly as we want to.

For now, please know that our heart’s deepest desire is to fill all your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. But sometimes we’re re-setting inventory on Tuesday and selling out of bone broth by Wednesday. So bear with us.

We set up a sweet little email list for you. So if you visit our site and we’re already out of “stock” (double entendre TOTALLY intended), we’ll send you an email the very minute we’ve refreshed our inventory and have some broth to send, and you’ll be the first to know. If you’re drinking Bare Bones Broth on the regular, we have a plan in the works for you too, so you never have to run out or compete for this amazing liquid gold.

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