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Bare Bones Broth: Whole30 approved

Hey folks, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

We had a full house here — 10 adults, one baby, nine dogs, two turkeys and so much other delicious food. It was a toasty 80+ degrees out on Thanksgiving Day, which makes it tough to get in a festive autumn-holiday mood, but I think we managed just fine. It was awesome, actually.

We have some beyond-exciting news we would like to share with you. We are proud to announce that Bare Bones Broth is now Whole30 Approved!

(Yeah, their Instagram followers already got the scoop.)

This means our broth is 100 percent compliant with the Whole30 Program and went through a rigorous vetting process with the Whole9 crew. And it was deemed awesome.

For those of you doing Whole30, it means no more guesswork. You can drink and cook with as much Bare Bones broth as you want.

For the rest of you, it just means our broth has been checked out and found worthy by a third party that knows what it’s doing.

So if you see the new Whole30 logo at the bottom of our site, now you know.

And if you want to see what Whole30 is all about, this page has the answers.

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