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Abundant Harvest now carries Bare Bones Broth!

Do you live in California? Are you sick of paying for shipping on your Bare Bones Broth?

If you said “yes” to both questions, you need to get on the Abundant Harvest wagon now.

Abundant Harvest Organics is a California-based CSA-type program, really an alliance of small family farmers, that delivers boxes of fresh, organic produce to customers across the state on a weekly basis.

It works like a co-op, so you don’t pay shipping; you just go pick up your box from one of the dozens of pickup locations throughout the state.

One of the cool features Abundant Harvest offers is an add-on program that allows customers to buy things like, say, Bare Bones Broth, and have them delivered with their regular order.

Abundant Harvest Organics

Here’s how it works:
  • Create an account with Abundant Harvest Organics
  • Sign up for a box and set your own delivery schedule. It doesn’t have to be weekly.
  • When you’re ready for some Bare Bones Broth, just log in, browse the add-ons and add it to your box for the week.

We know shipping costs a fortune (we pay for it too, and we’re not making any money on shipping your orders!), so we’re always looking for more affordable ways to get our broth into your hands. We really hope you like this one. If you live in California and you order Bare Bones Broth with any regularity, we think this is a really fantastic way to bypass the crazy shipping costs.

After all, you probably need produce anyway. Why not get your organic produce and your broth in one handy box?

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