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And the Broth Madness winners are…

You all have been so patient as we tallied the results of Broth Madness. OK, maybe not SO patient — some of you have been re-casting your votes over and over again on social media, reminding us of which flavors clearly should win. We love your spirit!

We are beyond stoked, and we hope you will be too, with the brand-new products soon to join the Bare Bones permanent lineup. And the winners are (drumroll, please)…

Broth Madness Winners
Broth Madness Winners

Keep an eye out for the new Beef Tomato Clove and Chicken Rosemary Garlic bone broths on our website starting September 29 — just in time for fall!

We know, we know — that seems like forever to wait! But we need to make sure the recipe is perfect. We also have new labels to design and a bunch of boring back-end stuff to take care of. Just know that we’re working as fast as we can to get flavored bone broth into your hands.

Your response to the new sippable flavors was incredible. One thing we took away from this contest was that y’all like everything; you just like some things more. We also learned that an astonishing number of you were using your broth to sip already. And many of you are eager to order it pre-seasoned and ready to drink. We’re delighted to oblige.

We are so thankful to everyone who sipped, savored and shared their feedback over the last few weeks. You were enthusiastic, engaged, and in some cases hilariously verbose. We know that food is completely subjective, and we appreciate the no-holds-barred attitude you took toward telling us what you thought of these potential new products.

That door is by no means closed yet, by the way. We always welcome your thoughts and feedback on our products. That’s one of the reasons we recently added a reviews feature to our website. Visit any product page to tell us how you liked it — or didn’t like it.

In the meantime, GET EXCITED about these new flavors! We couldn’t have done this without you (no, really — our taste buds get broken after tasting for too long), and now you’re an integral part of the Bare Bones story.

Maybe one day you’ll tell your grandkids about how you helped Bare Bones Broth pick its very first ready-to-drink flavors. Or maybe you won’t. But we know we’ll be telling our grandkids about you.

In love and broth,

Ryan & Kate

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