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2018’s Most Interesting Food Trends

Food trends come and go, a lot like the seasons. While some give us fond and fuzzy memories, others leave us grimacing at the mere thought (*cough cough Unicorn Frappuccino*).  The world of natural foods is no different and has already seen a few up-and-comers in 2018. This week on the blog, we’ve rounded up this year’s most interesting natural food trends to give you the 411 on what to try this summer. Come, grab a spoon and dig in.

2018 Food Trends

Hydrogen Water

For my Southern Californians out there, I know… another type of filtered water??? That’s right. Hydrogen water is the newest performance-enhancing phenomena. Several companies claim it to be the secret of Olympians’ hyper-performance by removing inflammatory lactic acid, increasing energy, and providing added antioxidants. Our favorite review simply praised hydrogen water for it’s clean and crisp taste while also taking the edge off her hangover. While the science is still weak, I think we can all agree it’s good to drink more water.

Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

Crazy and hazy, cannabis products have become a hit with America’s non-stop generation looking for a little relief. The most popular items in the market are of course dessert items, namely chocolate. One cannabinoid chocolatier states, “We believe that in a couple years micro-dosing is going to be the most popular way people use cannabis. In the same way we take vitamin C and zinc to avoid getting sick, we will be taking cannabis to stay healthy and safely manage stress and anxiety.” So go ahead and bake while you bake! It looks like no one is judging this year.


This super powder gained steam early this year in the enticing bright, blue bowls of Instagram bloggers. Spirulina is a fresh-water, blue-green algae grown in exotic, tropical regions like Hawaii. This teal underdog has a lot more to love. The health benefit claims are huge, stating it can improve HIV/AIDS, lower your chance of stroke, and possibly event ward off cancer. We certainly think this one looks like a fun and colorful trend to try in a bone broth smoothie this summer 2018. Worst case scenario: we end up with blue teeth.


A new trend out of an old tradition, ghee is slowly gaining ground across the board. It’s made in a slow process that extracts all the lactose and casein from butter, leaving you with a very concentrated and nutrient-rich compound. Additionally, it’s insanely high smoke point (485 degrees!) has made it a staple in gourmet kitchens, but the health benefits have everyone looking closer. Ghee has been shown to reduce inflammation, aid digestion, lower cholesterol, and even balance hormones. Butter + benefits? We’re thinking this trend is one to last.

Birch Water

For people bored of regular H2O, staying hydrated can be a real birch. At least that’s what several companies are now telling American consumers. Birch and other tree waters are the latest and greatest in millennial refreshment. Birch water specifically gains its benefits from the sap. The sap is full of vitamins like calcium and zinc that promise a more effective hydration. It also pledges to decrease cavities, lower cholesterol, promote liver health, and decrease inflammation. It could be a holy grail or Pinterest fail……. so make sure you let us know when you find out!

Food trends tend to arise out of the western world discovering old world food traditions. Some are merely happy customs, while others have created miniature studies on the human body. Regardless, there will always be rotation of miracle bites for you to choose from if you so wish. What was my favorite food trend of 2018? Well, it’s more of a kitchen staple.

What else have you seen trending in natural food this year? Have you tried them all? Did you like my tree joke? Let’s talk in the comments.


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